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AutoExec has been creating mobile office solutions for more than 20 years...

The term "Mobile Worker" can have many different meanings depending on your job and how you work. Whether your office is in the home, a coffee shop, on a plane or in a vehicle, you are a mobile worker. AutoExec has been creating mobile office solutions for more than 20 years and when we first started this company, the term "mobile office" was practically unheard of. Today, the world we work in is very different from back then. With so many options to choose from, your technology is more than a tool, it’s a lifeline.

Our first product was a vehicle desk or "car desk" and in the early days, we only needed one model. As technology improved, the space in the vehicle as an "office", became validated by the mobile workers need for organization, storage, efficiency and most importantly, safety. From over two dozen vehicle desk combinations to our growing line of bags and bag accessories, to the tablet and phone mounts provided by RAM Mounts (one of AutoExec’s valued suppliers), the mobile office is now fully realized.

In 2014 AutoExec opened our custom shop - a department designed to provide custom solutions for the many different solutions in our mobile office channel. We are only limited by our imagination and we are very creative at AutoExec. Moving forward, we will expand our offering into the Home Healthcare Market and continue to create unique solutions in existing channels. As you navigate through our website, please take time to view all of the products and services. I hope you enjoy the experience and welcome you to the world of the mobile worker.


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AutoExec and Safelite AutoGlass

I've had my auto desk for 10 years. It has made working out of my car so much more efficient. I can organize all of my papers and access everything I need. I couldn't work without it!

Ed, Land O' Lakes, FL

Desk is nice storage and like that the power inverter is built in. The work surface is stable and easy to work on. Helps me to be more organized when working in the car. My laptop runs very hot, so moving it from my lap to the desk helps keep me cooler in the 115 degree weather.

Tom D, Insurance Sales Rep, CA

My review of the mobile desk is 3 words, "I'm better organized". I'm able to make more sales calls and less laptop work at home plus I no longer have papers, notebooks etc. flying around the vehicle. Thank you for making my job easier.

Dennis G, Safelite AutoGlass, OH